Monday, December 12, 2011

December, Before Christmas

I am currently taking a break to procrastinate doing any more homework tonight :0). Give me a break, it’s Monday night and I’ve already done all my weeks reading, completed my first assignment, and taken a test! I think I deserve a moment to breath and do a little catching up! :0) Well Cael is now 8 months old as of last Wednesday. And he just continues to get older. His new skills since my last post include climbing the stairs, walking (with help of course), he’s just starting to pull up to the furniture, and yesterday he randomly decided to start crawling. Just got up on his hands and knees and off he went! He’s such a sweet kid, and such a mommy’s boy. Sadi continues to fight to have her parents back all to herself but regardless loves her little brother so much! Once Cael started sleeping through the night we moved his bed into Sadis room. At first she didn’t want him sharing her room but now she LOVEs having him sleeping in there with her. And it works out great for us because they wake up and play for awhile before we even hear from them in the morning. Sadi now loves to feed Cael, which honestly is just one big mess but she tries really hard! I can’t say she is reading but she recognizes her name, as well as Caels, and Mommy. She is working really hard to learn her alphabet along with the sounds each letter makes. She gets so excited to find the letter S “S ssssssss for SADI!!” Or C “C cccfor Cael”. She recently learned how to unlock and open the front door, along with the refrigerator. It’s been a struggle trying to teach her those are both doors that need to stay shut! She has begun to understand that but she loves to open the door for daddy when he has to go to school or work, and LOVEs being able to get things out of the fridge for me. Nap times for her have become null and void. It took some getting used to for me at first not having time to myself to get things cleaned up, but now we get to have a lot more Mommy and Me alone time which is nice for us. I love it because as soon as Cael goes down for his nap everyday Sadi says “lets cuddle mom!” and brings me a blanket. It’s the cutest thing and I love it! With Christmas in the air I am doing my best to not just get her excited for Christmas day but also to teach her the true meaning of Christmas. This month in the Friend there is a ABC’s of Christmas Calendar, which includes one letter for each of the 25 days before Christmas (they excluded X) along with one item or person that letter stands for (example, C is for Christ, G is for Gold, J is for Joseph, M is for Mary) and a scripture about that item or person. Each night we read the pairing scripture and explain to her how it relates to Christmas and remind her that Christmas is Jesus birthday and that is what we are celebrating. She is so excited about her big brothers birthday! :0) She keeps telling me we need to make him a cake, and I’m starting to think that isn’t a bad idea. Maybe a new family tradition? We shall see. Andy decided against the government job, turns out it wouldn’t be as beneficial as we had hoped and actually turned out to have more cons than pros. So for the time being we are staying right where we are at. Helicopter training is coming along, though winter is making it hard to the right amount of hours. While we were hoping he would graduate in March he thinks May is looking more realistic. Bummer… but at least it isn’t another year. School is coming along really well for me! I feel like I’m in the easiest class ever though! Which makes me wonder, what the rest of my classes will be like? I’m currently in my last week of class and I’ve managed to keep a grade of 99%! Go me! Okay so it’s not 100, but nobody is perfect. :0) Christmas is just around the corner and we are so excited! I’m hoping we’ll be able to take the kids to see Santa Clause at the mall this weekend. Sadi is so excited. We’ve still got a short list of gifts to get but for the most part everything has been taken care of. Andy is excited to just have a week off! No school, no work, and I’m really excited to have him with us for a whole week! Well I hope everyone has an amazing time over the holidays! Oh P.S. 1, I’m making Sadi a tutu for Christmas, my first attempt at a sewing machine on my own, so I’ll defiantly have a post a picture after Christmas, and 2. we took new family photos back in October and I finally got them back! Enjoy!