Monday, December 12, 2011

December, Before Christmas

I am currently taking a break to procrastinate doing any more homework tonight :0). Give me a break, it’s Monday night and I’ve already done all my weeks reading, completed my first assignment, and taken a test! I think I deserve a moment to breath and do a little catching up! :0) Well Cael is now 8 months old as of last Wednesday. And he just continues to get older. His new skills since my last post include climbing the stairs, walking (with help of course), he’s just starting to pull up to the furniture, and yesterday he randomly decided to start crawling. Just got up on his hands and knees and off he went! He’s such a sweet kid, and such a mommy’s boy. Sadi continues to fight to have her parents back all to herself but regardless loves her little brother so much! Once Cael started sleeping through the night we moved his bed into Sadis room. At first she didn’t want him sharing her room but now she LOVEs having him sleeping in there with her. And it works out great for us because they wake up and play for awhile before we even hear from them in the morning. Sadi now loves to feed Cael, which honestly is just one big mess but she tries really hard! I can’t say she is reading but she recognizes her name, as well as Caels, and Mommy. She is working really hard to learn her alphabet along with the sounds each letter makes. She gets so excited to find the letter S “S ssssssss for SADI!!” Or C “C cccfor Cael”. She recently learned how to unlock and open the front door, along with the refrigerator. It’s been a struggle trying to teach her those are both doors that need to stay shut! She has begun to understand that but she loves to open the door for daddy when he has to go to school or work, and LOVEs being able to get things out of the fridge for me. Nap times for her have become null and void. It took some getting used to for me at first not having time to myself to get things cleaned up, but now we get to have a lot more Mommy and Me alone time which is nice for us. I love it because as soon as Cael goes down for his nap everyday Sadi says “lets cuddle mom!” and brings me a blanket. It’s the cutest thing and I love it! With Christmas in the air I am doing my best to not just get her excited for Christmas day but also to teach her the true meaning of Christmas. This month in the Friend there is a ABC’s of Christmas Calendar, which includes one letter for each of the 25 days before Christmas (they excluded X) along with one item or person that letter stands for (example, C is for Christ, G is for Gold, J is for Joseph, M is for Mary) and a scripture about that item or person. Each night we read the pairing scripture and explain to her how it relates to Christmas and remind her that Christmas is Jesus birthday and that is what we are celebrating. She is so excited about her big brothers birthday! :0) She keeps telling me we need to make him a cake, and I’m starting to think that isn’t a bad idea. Maybe a new family tradition? We shall see. Andy decided against the government job, turns out it wouldn’t be as beneficial as we had hoped and actually turned out to have more cons than pros. So for the time being we are staying right where we are at. Helicopter training is coming along, though winter is making it hard to the right amount of hours. While we were hoping he would graduate in March he thinks May is looking more realistic. Bummer… but at least it isn’t another year. School is coming along really well for me! I feel like I’m in the easiest class ever though! Which makes me wonder, what the rest of my classes will be like? I’m currently in my last week of class and I’ve managed to keep a grade of 99%! Go me! Okay so it’s not 100, but nobody is perfect. :0) Christmas is just around the corner and we are so excited! I’m hoping we’ll be able to take the kids to see Santa Clause at the mall this weekend. Sadi is so excited. We’ve still got a short list of gifts to get but for the most part everything has been taken care of. Andy is excited to just have a week off! No school, no work, and I’m really excited to have him with us for a whole week! Well I hope everyone has an amazing time over the holidays! Oh P.S. 1, I’m making Sadi a tutu for Christmas, my first attempt at a sewing machine on my own, so I’ll defiantly have a post a picture after Christmas, and 2. we took new family photos back in October and I finally got them back! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Novmber Already?!

It's truly crazy how fast time goes when you're having fun! This year has just flow by and I'm seriously wondering where on earth has all the time gone?! Cael is now 7 months and 1 week old, Sadi is creeping up on 3 years, and the learning and development of the both of them floors me! Like I mentioned before Cael has discovered mobility, and he's getting really good at it! He's a quick little boy, but it's so sad when I just can't pick him up at the moment and he follows me around at my feet begging to be held (usually close to nap time). It breaks my heart. Also he has discovered the wondrous world of what Sadi calls "Big kid food". He's such a good eater not at all picky! Even with his new appetite, due to his ability to move he has now dropped from the 53rd to the 35th Percentile for weight. Check him out!

Sadi on the other hand has made a jump!! YAY!! You ready for this? She has gone from the 4th percentile to the 1oth!!! LOL That's the smith genes for ya I suppose. Poor girl, one day her clothes with fit her... until then we'll just keep rolling her waist bands. Haha. She is becoming the smartest little person I have EVER met. I can not believe the intelligence she shows at her age. And she is becoming more and more like her mother every day. :-) Her vocabulary and words of choice seem to be that of a 10 year old, which makes sense since she talks with her 10 year old Aunt Kelsey at least every other day. Oh and good news!!!! Potty Training is officially OVER!!!! It has been a long time coming but there is nothing more refreshing than hearing a toilet flush before seeing her walk from the bathroom with dry pants! Haha Sunday at church she even told me she could do it all by herself and made me wait outside the stall for her. So grown up. It's bitter sweet when they no longer need you for things. Anyway, Andy is applying for an amazing job opportunity in which the employer has already expresses great interest in hiring him. It is a job with the Utah State Department of Wild Life Services. He would be spending his days in an airplane shooting coyotes with a shot gun! Just his type of work. Leave it to my husband to pick the high risk professions. Lol. It'll will be a step in the right direction as far as his career goes, not to mention a much needed pay rise. He is supposed to meet with a company employee this weekend to be tested on his shot gun skills and then hopefully we will hear more. Fingers crossed! Here is to positive thinking! But as with every job it has it's pros and cons. High risk being one con, but also we will have to relocate once again. I love our town home here! I feel like we finally have a real home, and I've been able to decorate and make the place our own. It will be really hard to leave not only the house but the amazing ward we now reside in. I think we have decided that if he does get the job we will wait to move until after Christmas though. (The job starts in 2 and a half weeks.)

As for me... I finally started school!! It was a long time coming... I spent a lot of time relearning my algebra in order to pass out of some classes I've already taken, and my work paid off! I've started right back where I left off. I'm attending South University Online, a school based out of Georgia. The classes are excelled classes 5 and a half weeks long, back to back with no breaks. But at least I only have to focus on one thing at a time. I'm really excited about my education and yet really nervous at the same time, but I plan to take this opportunity to prove to myself that I can do this and kick that "I am stupid" syndrome to the curb! For those who don't know I'm planing to become an ultrasound technician upon completion of my degree. I think for awhile I might stick to OB/GYN ultrasounds but ultimately I would like to complete a bachelors and become a cardiac ultrasound tech. I have always been really interested in the medical field, however never interested in becoming a doctor. For the last 9 years I have bounced around with my interest in different medical professions, everything from a kick butt fire fighting EMT/Paramedic, to a Surgical Assistant. It wasn't until my multiple ultrasounds when I was pregnant with Sadi that I even considered ultrasounds! I became so interested in how they saw what they saw in those seemingly blobs of grey. Then after Sadi was born she has some problems with her hip and they sent us to have an ultrasound done. I was astonished that they were using an ultrasound machine on her leg! It was then I started to discover the many current and growing uses for ultrasounds and that is how I've come to cardiac! The program is a 2 year associates program but like every other degree will depend on my dedication and grades.

Well that is the latest updates of the going on's of our family. I shall return at a later time!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick update

So I should be doing homework, but considering how good I’ve been doing I’m granting myself a moment of procrastination to bring some exciting news! Okay it may only be exciting to myself and Andy but whatever. Our little Cael is growing up and it’s happening so fast. His newest skills include, feeding himself crackers, using a sippy cup, and sitting up all on his own. Also this last week he cut his first two teeth, and this afternoon… you ready for this? He became truly mobile! After lunch I set him down on the living room floor to play, I turned around to talk to Andy and seconds later we heard the playstation turn on. We turned around to find Cael playing with the buttons. Andy picked him up and moved him away from the playstation and set him down but immediately picking him back up to reposition him. In the second he was on the floor he tried to scoot right back toward the playstation, as Andy picked him up I excitedly yelled “Put him down he’s scooting!!!” Andy put him down and pulled out the video camera as Cael quickly headed back for the play station. Being a brand new skill we’re extremely impresses at the grip he’s got on it!! He’s scooting around like he’s been doing it forever. Andy picked him back up and sent him down by the couch but as soon as Cael touched the floor he went right back for the playstation again. LOL He’s a technology junky… we don’t know how to break him of that. Sadi was pretty excited about it too. She kept calling for him “Come here buddy! You can do it!” She’s such a good big sister. While we’re really excited for this new development we’re dreading the trouble it’ll bring on as we recall the things Sadi did. And we’ve now realized it’s getting to be about time we get a gate for the stairs. We are also in the process of eliminating night time feedings which has been hard, and during this process we have learned of his stubbornness. He most defiantly is his own person with his own like and dislikes. Tonight will mark night 4 and each night is a little better than the last. We are on our path to a wakeless night and I couldn’t be more excited about that! In all the excitement while Cael is progressing Sadi seems to be intentionally regressing. She now wants to be the baby again. Which sometimes is perfectly okay cus I love that she wants to be wrapped up and rocked again, but other times it makes things hard. Mostly though, it’s just funny. Yesterday at breakfast while scooting her plate towards Andy she says “daddy I’m gonna sit by you…. So you can feed me!” Haha! While intentionally being the baby she is still growing and learning like the big girl she is. She has learned to count to 10, she knows how to used the Ipad better than I do, and she is quickly learning her ABC’s, this morning she bit the middle out of her cinnamon roll and says “look mom it’s a C! C is for cookie monster!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!” The other night at Andys work while playing with skittles we heard her tell a coworker, “It’s an S, S like Sadi!” She’s too smart for her own good. And her imagination is active and growing! Recently she has developed a love for dancing! Which is great cus not only is it good exercise for her but she always wants me to dance with her so I’m getting a work out too. We love our nightly dance parties as we make dinner, and Cael enjoys watching from his highchair occasionally joining in.We love her sense of humor and the funny things she does. The other morning she was so excited to tell Daddy about this dream she had, Something about swimming in her beroom. When she was done telling him about her dream she went to her room and got her swimsuit, brought it downstairs told us it had Cherries and Polkadots on it, and then put it on. The very best part to follow. She then laid down on the livingroom floor and “swam” to thekitchen, flailing her arms and legs about on her way. Andy and I laughed so hard. She brings so much laughter to our home with her quirky and outgoing personality. No shame that one. Lol And regardless her want to be the baby she loves being the big sister. She’s such a good helper! Such amazing kids those two. I love them so much!! They bring so much light to my day.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Catching Up

So I got on my blog yesterday and realized I haven’t even been on since right after Cael was born! I know I said I’d try and be better at keeping this thing up to date but in all honesty I really haven’t wanted to sit down and do it. So I guess there is a lot of catching up to do, and while my children are sleeping, and chores are done, what better time? Lets start off with Andy like I usually do. :0)

Andy has quit his job at quest. Because of the hours he had to work he wasn’t getting enough time in at school and he was on a 4 year path to a 1 year program. Talk about bummer. So he found a new job working evenings and now spends most of his mornings at school. We see him tons more than we ever have before which we love, but Sadi still misses him when he goes to work. Knowing she won’t see him till the following morning, she usually tries to block him from the door, or just hugs him saying “daddy don’t go”. Sad but true. He’s a hard worker and stays really busy, and I do what I can to support him on his road to success. He is now officially a licensed private helicopter pilot, which means he can now fly himself and others around, he just cannot accept pay for doing so. The closer he gets to being done with his helicopter school, the more excited I get for him. We are hoping he will be finishing in February 2012, March at the very latest, and then it will be off to whatever job he takes to experience the adventures that life has in store for us and our family. Of course he’ll still have to finish up his bachelors degree, but that program is 100% online, so he can take his school with him where ever he goes, and not required, just a little extra something to keep on hand. Last week Andy and I were released from the CTR 5 primary class and he was called to be the new ward mission leader. Now of course he will be even busier than before, but as much as he tries to hide it I think he likes to keep busy. So congratulations to him! I know he’ll be amazing at it, I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Sadi: My word how she’s grown!! Maybe it is because there is a child smaller than her in the house now, or maybe she really is just THAT big, but I feel like she is no longer my baby girl. She’s a child now! And so smart. Sometimes the words that come out of her mouth just baffle me. Sunday she turns to me and says “Mom I can’t wait to drive the car.” Lol I wish I could get inside her head for just a few minutes. I’m so curious to see the world through her eyes. Currently she is approaching the end of potty training! We have had nearly 2 consecutive weeks with no accidents and I couldn’t be happier about that. She has a potty jar that she gets to fill will beads. One bead for every time she goes potty, and once the jar is full she gets to go to the store and pick out a new toy car (her new favorite toys). She has already filled it once and now we are working on the second time. I think the third time around we may do one bead for every day she doesn’t have an accident. Also Daddy bought her a Potty Watch which not only tells the time but is used as a timer. Ever hour and a half it starts flashing lights and says “go potty Sadi, go potty Sadi, go potty Sadi.” She loves it and it has sure made this time of learning a whole lot easier on the both of us. Last night we went and had dinner with Andy and when we got home she ran to go potty, as she was flushing the toilet her watch went off saying “go potty Sadi” she looked at her watch, threw her hands up in the air and says “ I just went potty silly!” Again with the things she says. :0) She is now just talking up a storm, and talking so well. She still makes up her own words sometimes and when she goes off on a rant I sometimes will only catch 5 or 6 actually words among her gibberish, but it makes me smile. I love helping her say her prayers at night, and when she reads stories to us. She’s 2 of course she can’t actually read but she tells us a story going off of what she see in the pictures and it’s so fun to listen. And every book of course has to end with “The End!” We’re working on the alphabet, she recognized several letters and we’re still working on sounds of which she knows only a few. We’re even trying to teach her to sign each letter but most are still too complicated for those little uncoordinated fingers to manage. Her sign to sometimes blows me out of the water, and Uncle Jon gets so excited when she signs words to him without first having to be prompted to do so. Uncle Jon is by far her favorite, sorry to all of mine and Andy’s brothers but it’s the truth. Getting big and learning fast, every day she finds something new to amaze me with. She sure makes me proud to be her mom.

The Potty Jar

Getting so big!

Cael: If I think Sadi has grown I don’t know what to say about him! He will be 6 months next week and already he is more than half of Sadi’s size! He loves his big sister and watches everything she does. If she will lay on the floor and just talk to him the two of them are content for hours. He’s such a good baby, though he doesn’t sleep as well as we would have liked. Up until 3 weeks ago he was still waking up 6-7 times a night until one day we decided to try him on some rice cereal. What do you know?! Immediately he started sleeping 7-8 hours at a time! He is now up once around 4am and back to bed he goes. We’re both a lot happier now. It was rice for about 2 weeks and now we’re starting on some more interesting foods, one week at a time. He is now, what I like to call, inch worming (pulling his knees up under him, sticking his little bum in the air and attempting to push himself forward), but that doesn’t seem to be getting him too far so he has devised another plan. By combining two of his skills, 1. Scooting around in a circle and 2. Rolling, he seems to get where he would like to be going. He scoots around until he can roll in the direction he wants to go and then rolls over and over and over until he’s there. Sadi loves to run back and forth around the living room saying “come and get me!” while Cael “Chases” her around. They both get a good laugh out of it, and there is nothing better than hearing your children laugh together. Nobody can make him laugh like Sadi can. They are both getting so big that I think it’s time for some new family pictues.

Not even the same little boy anymore. :-(

And then there is me. Normally I would say what is going on with my family is what is going on with me, but now I actually have something to say! Aside from being released from the primary which I’ve already mentioned, I’ve made the decision to go back to school! I don’t know where they got my information but Steven-Henegers College has been sending me info on their school for over a year, and though that’s not where I’m planning on attending it was one of their ads that got me seriously looking into it. I've been thinking about going back to school for years now I just never thought I had the time. Well surprisingly now with 2 children in the house I've found that between nap time and bed time, plus Andy being at work in the evenings I have a totally of about 25 hours to myself during the week that I cannot for the life of me figure out what I've been doing with! So 25 hours M-F plus anytime I get on Saturdays I figured I could manage some classes if I could find some online. Well just my luck, the very first school I came across happened to be the only one I've found since that offers the exact program I’m interested in ONLINE! Couldn’t have been more perfect. So after talking with Andy, doing a little research, and making a lot of phone calls between myself and the school, I've finally decided, 5 years after my last class at Waubonsee… it’s time I return to school. Now I've got to take that dumb compass placement test for math and English. I've never worried about English cus I know I could pass that class without even trying… (because I have) but math/algebra was never my strong suit. And after dropping out of my last college algebra class, because I was indeed failing, I’m spending my days studying up to avoid having to retake any pre-requ classes that I've already taken. So I’m wishing myself good luck! Now If I could just figure out this equation I've been staring at the for last hour…… :0)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Arrival

One of these days I’m gonna get a whole lot better at keeping this thing up to date!! So the latest news?! He’s here!! Our little man has finally arrived. I know… I’m a little behind on making this announcement. Cael Andrew was born Thursday April 7th, 2011 at 8:43am weighing in at 6lbs 3 oz, and measuring 19 inches long.

I was 39 weeks exactly, and had been so anxious for the previous 3 weeks. Though I only went a week longer than I did with Sadi it felt like a month! Though I have been very bless with extremely easy pregnancies, the last few weeks of pregnancy I was so anxious to hold my baby in my arms, and so uncomfortable with him pushing down on my cervix and causing severe pain in my hips and back that I just couldn’t wait to be done! At my 36 week appointment my doctor check and told me that I was 1cm dilated and about 70% effaced giving me great hope that labor might come soon. At 37 weeks, the change was only slight to 2, maybe 2 and a half cm and 80% effaced. I was pretty disappointed but told myself progress was progress no matter how small. That week I experienced 5 hours of false labor which kept me up all night long, and again gave me great hope that the time was coming. Once the false labor subsided I was of course disappointed. It was like going through labor and still not having your baby. Talk about unfair! I told myself that at least this was helping me progress towards labor, but of course, imagine my disappointment and surprise when at my 38 week appointment I was told there had been no change. At my 39 week appointment (april 5th) 2 days before Cael was born again there had been no change, however this time I was okay with it cus my doctor was out of town with her family and with me having had a csection with Sadi, I wasn’t anxious to have an on call doctor who might push for a second csection. On the 6th of April, my mom, who had been in town for almost 2 weeks now, took me out shopping in their monster of a van, and I’m convinced that it was climbing in and out of that van so many times that day that caused the onset of labor. That night Andy and I had decided to take a movie and watch it in bed. Around 12:00am (30mins before our movie was over) I got up to use the bathroom. Once I had climbed back into bed about 2 seconds later I felt a trickle of fluid. Confused, thinking I had just peed a little bit more I sat up in bed and it happened again. Now thinking that maybe my water had just broke but not quite sure, I turned to Andy and said, “either my water just broke or I just peed my pants.” Now here is the funny thing, Andy totally reacted like the crazy flustered guys you see in the movies! Haha anyway I got up to go back to the bathroom and more fluid rushed out and that’s when I knew it was my water that had broke. I sent Andy to get me some dry clothes and went to wake up my little sister who had been staying with us for the purpose of babysitting Sadi in just this situation. After gathering up my things we arrived at the hospital about 12:30am to find my doctor would not be back on until 7am that next morning. I had no idea that my water could break without the presence of a single contraction, but there we were, it was obviously possible

Being a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Csection) patient, they had to have a doctor in the building at all times, so I was then introduced to the on call doctor, whom I would describe as cranky and mean. (well who wouldn’t be at 1 in the morning after being on a 24 hour shift) Needless to say I didn’t like him and I was not at all happy with the idea of him delivering my baby. He came in and in so many words pretty much told me he didn’t think I would be able to have a natural birth and I was being dumb for even wanting to try. AHHH! Of course I then started praying and praying that my labor would go slow enough to have my doctor there for the delivery! I just had to wait 6 more hours. After 2 hours of “monitoring” my nonexistent contractions the nurse told me they would have to start me on a medication called pitocin, which would start contractions for me. I’ve heard it before from several women and now I have experienced it for myself… pitocin sucks!! It causes you to have more painful prolonged contractions. I went into this planning on doing it 100% natural without an epidural, but within 2 hours, I told the nurse I was whimping out and sent her to call for an anesthesiologist. 4:30 am after receiving my epidural I was finally comfortable enough to get a little bit of sleep. Though with nurses coming in and out, monitor hooked to me from every direction and being told I had to lay a certain way, it was only 15 minutes here and there. The epidural defiantly slowed things down which at the time I couldn’t have been more grateful for. It wasn’t until 7am (the time my doctor was technically back from vacation) that I was 100% dilated and effaced and ready to start pushing! The nurses told me with it being my first vaginal birth they were going to treat me like a first time mom and have me wait another hour to let the baby and the contractions stretch out some tissues to ideally make pushing easier and shorter. Around 8:15 they were finally going to let me start pushing. The nurses told me they had to get the baby to a certain point before they could call the doctor in so they were going to start me pushing without her. After 1 and a half contractions my baby was already starting to crown so they made me stop long enough to call the doctor and get her in the room. About 10mins after my doctor arrived in the room and 2 or 3 contractions later our little boy was finally born. As the doctor was pulling him out I couldn’t help but think, “What an ugly baby” all covered in goo and crying he wasn’t the handsome boy I have now. But within minutes he started to become more and more beautiful, once they laid him on my stomach I couldn’t help but change my mind.

Daddy got to cut the cord, and I got to hold him for about 10 minutes before they whisked him to the other side of the room to weigh him and clean him up. It was several hours before I was actually separated from my baby. They did everything they could in my room right there with me, which I was really grateful for. The hospital here was so much more amazing than they one Sadi was delivered at. They were so much more considerate to me and what I wanted! Though not EVERYTHING went exactly as I had planned I was still really happy with the outcome. But honestly, what woman in her right mind would plan on everything going according to plan. There are just some things in life you just have to take as they come. Sadi was able to come see her little brother just a few short hours later, and after a few minuets of confusion, more why is mommy here than what is she doing with that baby, she was holding, snuggling, and kissing her new little brother.

Recovery has been great. I was out of bed and in the shower as soon as they would allow it and we were able to go home the following morning. At home Andy took off work for a couple of days and my mom was here to help out with things for about a week, though it was only a couple of days before I was up and doing things myself. Now about a week, almost 2 later we’re finally getting back into our routine, with a few adjustments here and there. Sadi has been amazing with Cael, and such a big help to me. We’re all still really tired due to lack of sleep and busier schedules but over all we’re doing really well.

We couldn’t be happier to have Cael in our home, just like Sadi he is an amazing blessing and a great joy. We could never run out of love for those two!